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Fashion, to me, is the embodiment and representation of the inner being.  It is an expression of our deepest feelings, which often serve as a mask to shield us from our nakedness.

I launched my fashion career at the age of 15 in Lagos, Nigeria. I became fascinated with clothing, styles, fabrics, colors, patterns, and designs. I had the opportunity to travel the world to work with fashion designers, artists, and photographers - eventually, immigrated to New York City, USA, to advance my career in fashion and arts.

The journey of owning a fashion company started when I was in college studying sociology with lots of psychology in Zaria, Nigeria. I became captivated with fashion, styles, self-care, and observed how people feel when well dressed on campus, daily, and I noticed we shared something in common, we all felt transcendent and comfortable when we embody a style that truly represents who we are and how we feel on the inside.

I began personal styling for family and friends years ago before I even realized that I could pursue it as a career. As someone who has always had an undying love for fashion, arts, and psychology, I wanted to share it with those around me. I began picking out pieces here and there for friends and family based on my perception of their personality and style. After countless requests to take it more seriously, I finally decided to become a professional Image Consultant.

The evolution of transitioning from Point A (Imposter syndrome and impersonation) to Point B (Self-actualization) is achievable when oneself is surrounded with the right clothing, color, texture, pattern, and fashion, and the way one carries oneself is critical to projecting this Personal Image. All this is tailored from past experience towards future intentional success.

After many years of exploring and working with a diverse group of people, I decided it was time to use the knowledge acquired in arts, fashion, sociology, psychology, and technology to help people create their authentic fashion culture that promotes happiness and self-actualization.  


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